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We'd Love To Host You

All booking information is listed below and we love to make your stay as easy, special and enjoyable as possible . If you have any questions about booking, booking special events, group bookings or extended stay bookings please email us for more information anytime.



The cottage is located in Digby County, about 15 min from downtown Digby.




Book your summer vacation now. We are now booking for spring/summer 2023.

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Reservation Details

How To Book

Booking your stay is easy!


1. Send us an email or call us to book.

2. Have some dates in mind. We do our best to accommodate everyones dates, however we may provide alternatives if your dates are already booked. 

3. Once your dates are finalized you will be required to make a payment by e transfer.

If you booked in advance (more than 30 days till your check in date) a payment of  30% (of your total stay) is due at that time.

If you booked with less than 30 days of your check in date, payment of the total stay is required.

4. Once your e transfer is completed you will receive a confirmation email with your booking details. 

**Please be aware any bookings made on long/holiday weekends must be paid in full and are non refundable.  

Booking Details

Yay you booked, now what?!


1. Check your confirmation email and ensure all your booking details are correct. Please remember If you booked in advance (more than 30 days till your stay) your final payment must be made by the date outlined in the confirmation email.

2. The cottage is equipped with almost everything you need. The only item we request you bring is your own beach towels.

3. If you have any questions about your stay please feel free to contact us at any time, we're here to help!

4. Be sure to check out our FAQ's page for cottage details & packing tips! 

Cancellation Policy

What you need to know.


We provide a full refund for cancellations up to 30 days before your check-in date.


If you booked with fewer than 30 days before your check-in date, a full refund for cancellations can be made within 24 hours of booking.

We provide a 50% refund up to 7 days before check-in. (Your 30% deposit is non refundable).


If your booking was made with less than 7 days of your check in date there is no refund.


No refund after that.

**Also please be aware we do not provide ANY refund for bookings that fall on long/holiday weekends. 

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