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Something For Everyone

One of the best things about The Cedar Coast Cottages is the location. There are so many amazing things to see and experience in our area, we cant even begin to name them all! What we can do is recommend some of our personal favourite spots, places and adventures. So whether you want to explore the beach, hike some trails, shop or just simply relax you can do it all at The Cedar Coast Cottage. 

Image by Richard Sagredo
Image by Cody Berg
Image by Keith Luke
Image by Ruth Troughton
Image by Zan

Personal Fav's

Whale Watching


Its such a rush waiting to see a big beautiful whale breach right in front of you. There are several types of whales to see, and don't worry even if no whales make an appearance your bound to see tons of other ocean wildlife such as dolphins, sea birds and much more. Its a beautiful day spent out on the ocean and is fun for everyone.

Beaux Vendredis Seafood Dinner


A really authentic & unique experience is the Beaux Vendredis Seafood Suppers. Pack a picnic and drive about 20 min to Belliveau Cove Municipal Park and enjoy a beautiful picnic on the ocean with live music and fresh cooked lobster or crab. Bring your own side dishes and favourite bottle of wine or  drinks and purchase a fresh cooked crab or lobster. Its cash only, open from 6 to 9 and its first come first serve so make sure you give yourself time to get there. Its an amazing evening spent eating delicious and fresh seafood accompanied with live music and a beautiful back drop.

(Every Friday June till the end of August.)

The Balancing Rock


If your looking for a great day trip & adventure try checking out The balancing Rock. With tons of hiking trails, routes and Point Prim Lighthouse close by it makes for a wonderful day. Of course don't forget to check out the Balancing Rock while you're there, 20 tonnes or more of volcanic rock balanced precariously on a ledge above the waves of St. Mary’s Bay

Delicious Dining


We would need a whole other website dedicated to our favourite places to eat. There are some absolutely incredible places to dine so close to us. Ask us about some of our favourites including Carla's, The Shoreline, The Sydney Street Pub, The Sea Biscuit, Sip Cafe, The Wheelhouse Restaurant & more! 



We're so lucky to live in a area with such amazing breweries, wineries and more! Ask us for our favourite locations to visit or about booking a tour! 

Point Prim Lighthouse


Point Prim, jutting out into the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the Digby Gut, offers spectacular views of the sea and shore.You’ll see crashing surf, lots of birds and other wildlife. You can watch fishing boats & wave hello to all on the Fundy Rose as they pull into port! Seals regularly hang out here, occasionally porpoise swim by and, if you’re really lucky, whales will put on a show you can watch from shore. Dont forget to explore all the tide pools and snap a picture with the lighthouse! 


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